Reflect on the Best of 2016 // worksheet

December 30, 2016

Photo: Suzanne Nolan

As 2016 is coming to an end I’m filled with mixed emotions. The first being relief and holy-crap-i’m-glad-that’s-over. I know I’m not in the minority here. 2016 was a hard year. For me, for many people I love, and ultimately for the world. But too often we focus on the things that didn’t work out, the misses and the loss. The silver lining to difficult times comes the opportunity to grow, and man was this the year of the most growth for me. When I think deeper and reflect on the year I can’t help but feel proud of and grateful for these amazing highlights:


I spoke at Altitude Summit for the second time. Still have to pinch myself thinking about that one.

Lead a very personal workshop at The Hello Sessions in Portland and made 70 new best friends.

Photographed my second lookbook (and tons of web and social content) for BYoga.

Took a solo train ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Launched an online course called “Find Your Sparkle on Linkedin” (which you can grab for 50% off using code ‘HALFOFF’)

Was flown to San Francisco to do a holiday and lifestyle lookbook for Parabo Press (pinching myself again)

Spent a week in LA with my 10 year long pen pal!

Photographed lululemon ambassadors and various events.

Hosted some really cool workshop about vulnerability and how to be authentic online.

Photographed for some other rad companies like Jacknife Design, Drizzle Honey, Mai Lin Jewelry, Sahara Tea and more!

Contributed to Dote Magazine again.

Had my modelling debut with Smithery, as a Stylesmith.

Was blessed with a best friend and learned exactly what it means to show up for someone.

Grew closer to dear friends and made some wonderful new ones.

And because I can’t be the only person to get caught up in the misses and hard parts of 2016, I’ve revamped a little worksheet I did last year. It’s a fun way to reflect on the best parts of 2016 and you can download for free HERE.


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