Humpday Happy Five // Volume I

July 27, 2016


I thought I’d start a weekly Wednesday post featuring 5 things that are making me happy this week. You know, give us all a little hump day boost!

Here goes:

1. // MØ – Final Song 

If you’re my Facebook friend, you would have seen my recent status about listening to one song on repeat when I run. Well, this is my song this week, and not just for running. I’m listening to it while I work, to dance around the living room, to pump me up, and while I cook and clean! I hope you like it too.


2. // The ALS Update

The video above is one of my favourite photographers, Anthony, doing the ice bucket challenge with Ellen. I am just including it in case you need a reminder (yeah right)! Anyway….one of my first friends in university’s name was Andrew, and his Dad had a rare condition called ALS or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. I remember asking Andrew all sorts of questions about what caused it, how his father communicated, and when he was diagnosed. I had never heard of this disease before. And then, a few years later, the viral ALS ice bucket challenge happened. Remember the summer of 2014 when we all poured ice and water over our heads and donated to the debilitating disease many of us knew little about? Some of us even wondered how pouring ice on our heads would really convert to change. It turns out all of those donations funding a groundbreaking gene responsible for ALS. Finding this NEK1 gene will help scientists and doctors start researching how the gene contributes to the disease to begin developing treatments. This is huge, and SO awesome!


3. // Elizabeth Banks’ Fight Song for the DNC

Inspired by the Pitch Perfect films, Elizabeth Banks produced this awesome video to Rachel Platten’s Fight Song, in support of Hillary Clinton. Regardless of your political views it has been incredibly inspiring to see a woman win the nomination. We still have a long way to go with sexism in our culture, but this is a beautiful beginning for change. I hope little girls (and boys too) are able to see that women can do and be whatever they want! And who doesn’t like seeing so many celebrities singing? People rallying together to support someone is like #1 on the list of things that make me cry.


4. // Tate McRae: So You Think You Can Dance

If you’ve followed me at all on social media it isn’t news that I’m kind of obsessed with my younger friend, Tate, on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation. I might be biased because I’ve known Tate since she was born, but she is an absolutely brilliant dancer and person. And she’s barely 13! Everything about this show makes me happy and I look forward to Monday night when I get to watch this amazing kids perform. The show is extremely positive, and everyone is so supportive and you’re guaranteed to be smiling (and sometimes crying, or maybe that’s just me) while you watch! This routine in particular really struck a chord with me because Tate and Kathryn’s connection mixed with their talent, and of course’s Tate’s maturity as a dancer was everything!


5. // Family Reunited with Dog After 7 Years

A family in North Texas was reunited with dog, who had gone missing 7 years ago! Corky was microchipped, so they were hoping one day they would get the call, but years passed (and 2 more kids were born) and no sign of him. Fast forward several years and a good samaritan found three stray dogs on the side of the highway. Unfortunately, one of them didn’t survive, but the other two were taken to the shelter, which, incidentally was the same shelter the family had adopted Corky from years ago. And since Corky had bonded so well with his one-eyed buddy, Captain, the family decided to adopt him too! You can read the whole story HERE.


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  • Melissa Bahen

    That DNC video did make me get teary-eyed!