Humpday Happy Five // Volume II

August 5, 2016


In case you missed Volume I, this is my attempt to make you smile every Wednesday (Thursday this week… because of the long weekend) sharing 5 things that are making me happy!

So here we go:


1. // The amazing summer Netflix series, Stranger Things, was rejected 15-20 times by networks

Who here hasn’t either heard of or watched Stranger Things yet? I’m quietly judging you… 🙂 But seriously, this Spielbergian, Stephen Kingian inspired 80’s drama has the kids of Stand By Me and the Goonies, with the sci fi of Alien, and the timelessness of a summer blockbuster like ET. The casting is amazing and if you’re not watching you definitely should be. But this post isn’t about the show, it’s about this Rolling Stone article, where show creators Matt and Ross Duffer talk about being rejected 15-20 times before Netflix picked up the series. Executives didn’t understand how a show could have 4 kids as a the leads without being a children’s show, and so the Duffer brothers weren’t taken seriously. This makes me happy because it shows you that it doesn’t matter how many times you get rejected you need to keep trying! Tiffany Han of many-things-but-especially-the-podcast Raise Your Hand Say Yes has a program where she encourages you to get 100 rejection letters (and celebrates them!), because if people aren’t saying ‘no’ then you aren’t trying enough!

2. // Sisters Separated 40 Years Ago in Korea are Reunited as Co-Workers in a Florida Hospital

Yes, you read that right. But are you kidding me with this story? All the feelings when I read this article, which incidentally is from last fall but somehow I missed it! These women were both orphans in Korea, both grew up to become nurses, and were hired to work the same shift, on the same floor of a Florida hospital together! Imagine discovering your coworker was a long lost sister? Read the full story here.


3. // Slate’s Summer Strut Podcast

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 7.29.04 PM

Every summer the folks from Slate’s Culture Gabfest (one of the podcasts in my “60 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To” post) create a summer playlist. They feature the obvious songs like Drake’s One Dance, and Justin Timberlake’s Cant Stop the Feeling, but there were tons of songs I had never heard yet. And for any for those of you who work at home and are constantly looking for new music to listen to this has 22 hours worth of music! You’re welcome 🙂 [Oh, and here’s the full playlist on Spotify and the story about it in Slate)


4. // How Snapchat’s Filters Work

Have you ever wondered how an app like Snapchat has the seemingly advanced technology of those amazing filters? I have! And thanks to my friend Becca of Worker Bee Supply Co. for talking about this Vox feature on her snapchat. Turns out, a Ukrainian startup called Looksery invented the technology and Snapchat bought it for $150 million! I thought it was funny that Looksery’s “envisioned the app as a solution for people who feel insecure during video communication and want to modify [their] eye color, nose size, facial shape, and skin” [from Vox].


5. // Uber passenger raises money for her driver to see his son in Rio Olympics

Photo courtesy of People

Photo courtesy of Liz Willcock and Ellis Hill GoFundMe

Liz was in an hour long Uber ride through Philly and had quite an extensive conversation with her driver, Ellis. She learned that his son was competing for team USA in shot-put but he was unable to afford to go watch. She created a GoFundMe page, and raised the $7500 to send him there! Read the full story, here.

Next week we’ll be back on Wednesday – long weekends always throw me for a loop!

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