Humpday Happy Five // Volume III

August 10, 2016


I’m back with the latest volume of Humpday Happy Five, where I share 5 things on the internet making me happy this week. If you’re looking for extra boosts of happiness, you can look at Volume I and II as well!


1. The Biggest Hearted Math Genius: Tai


Meet Tai. He’s a fair bit older now, but those are pictures I took of him and his Mum, Nicky, at a really cool yoga event. Even then I could tell he had the biggest heart, and his story on this week’s Sleepover podcast was a reminder of his tenderness. In the podcast “Sook-Yin Lee and three complete strangers share a hotel room for one night. Each comes with a problem and with Sook-Yin’s help, they spend the next 24 hours exploring what’s bothering them and how to make it better.” (from the CBC site)

Tai absolutely loves math and science and is undoubtedly a genius in the field. He can solve the toughest math problems, and loves that everything in math and science makes sense. Unfortunately, his grandfather in New Zealand is very ill with pancreatic cancer and that is one problem Tai can’t solve because it really doesn’t make sense. I wanted to share some quotes from the 27 minute podcast with you, but I don’t want to spoil the best parts because you really should take a listen. Tai opens up about love, loss, math, science, God, feeling helpless, cancer and more. Your heart will simultaneously break and grow three sizes while you listen. You can check out the podcast here.


2. Olympic medalist Sandy Mainville gets surprised by her parents

There is no explanation necessary with this tear-jerking video. Sandy and her team had just won Bronze in the swim relay, when her parents secretly flew to Brazil to surprise her. And of course CBC got it all on video. Olympics, man. Might as well just call them the two week cry fest!


3. Strong women lift each other up!

feminism gif

This is a super simple GIF, but like many looped videos I find it fascinating that it keeps going and going and going. I could watch it forever. I love that it’s a such a simple, yet powerful reminder that if we keep lifting each other we all go up! The artist’s name is Libby Vanderploeg and I love her work, and of course her instagram. If I lived in NY I would totally attend one of her Sip + Sketch meet ups where she helps you learn how to draw while sipping wine!

4. Kiara Nirghin, 16, creates a polymer to fight drought

Kiara Nirghin

South Africa is experiencing the worst drought in recorded history. In Johannesburg, 16 year old Kiara Nirghin created a super absorbent polymer (SAP) using orange peel and avocado skins “capable of storing reserves of water hundreds of times its own weight, forming reservoirs that would allow farmers to maintain their crops at minimal cost” (CNN). This is also amazing because it’s cost-efficient, so it won’t hurt the budget. How cool is that? This genius invention also won her Google’s Community Impact Award, which she absolutely deserves. You can read the full story here.


5. Ursula McCafferty, 95, wins $30k in the lottery and buys a….


new cell phone. With five children, twelve grandchildren and four great-grandchildren she knew she wanted to share her winnings with her family (everyone got at least $2000), and put the rest in a trust. But not until she bought a bigger cell phone. “I had a little one and it didn’t do anything. I don’t want to be one of these people that has my thumb stuck on my phone all the time but I want to be able to look up the weather and be able to send a photo” (Yahoo). And now she certainly can! Read the full story here.



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