I’m a Summer Stylesmith!

June 29, 2016



I am so excited to one of Smithery Style’s Summer Stylesmiths (say that ten times fast)! I absolutely love that founders, Rena and Mavis, are passionate about helping women finding clothes for their body types, instead of changing their bodies for the clothes.


And, they use real women (especially entrepreneurs) as their models! How cool is that? This is a company I can certainly get behind. I also love the way they have categorized body types. Instead of being apples and pears, Smithery has letters: X, H, A, V, O.


They initially approached me to be part of their spring campaign, but unfortunately based on my instagram feed they though I was an ‘H’ shape, which was the last model they needed. My casual I-don’t-like-my-hips thoughts had escalated and grown so much that I had subconsciously only showed images of myself online where I disguised my curves. I had to convince them that I really am an ‘A’ by sending some “unflattering” pictures of me. What is it about us women not being able to embrace our bodies?


I’m so glad I had the experience to model some of their summer clothing to help remind me that all body shapes are beautiful. Plus, my hips are what makes me a woman, and makes me, me. No more hiding them!


Also, I was so excited to share this experience with one of my best friends, Marlissa, of Mai Lin Jewelry. She makes the most beautiful bracelets which I’m sure you’ve seen on my page. She and I both had a fun time playing dress up and feeling awkward in front of the camera (thankfully, Brody the photographer still made us look good)!


Here are some helpful links for you:

Annnddddddddd I’m really excited to be hosting a little instagram giveaway. So head over to @botcomm and follow the rules to win a $50 gift card to Smithery Style!


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