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Losing Messages Since Switching from iPhone?

November 13, 2014

In this blog post, I’m safely going to assume you’re one of two types of people. You’ve either parted from your iPhone and have been losing messages to the void and thus missed on some friendly hangouts or tinder texting. Or, you’ve had a friend switch phones and your iPhone is desperately trying to send that blue bubble, in denial that anyone stray from the iPhone pack.

In any case, I know I’ve been the latter. My own husband and a few dear friends have left the iPhone world and even a year later my phone still sometimes forgets, and I have to go back into the unsent message and click “Send As Text Message.” For a very privileged first-world problem, it’s still an annoying one. But I finally have the answer!


Apple quietly released a section on their website that allows you to deregister your phone number from the iMessage database, so you can (finally!) start getting all of your text messages. There are two different options to choose from. The first one involves having your old iPhone, inserting the SIM card and turning off iMessage. The second and more common option is deregistering your phone number right on the website.

Click HERE to deregister iMessage.

If, like me, you’re the victim of someone else changing over, I highly suggest you send them to this site! And I guess I won’t be able to use “wait, you didn’t get my text?” as an excuse to Greg anymore. Errr… I mean…